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This section of the web site is dedicated to image and video galleries. To return to the main site follow link in Durness info on the menu.

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If you have any information regarding any image please note the Archive and  JPEG number or any text to identify  the image and use the conact form to send any details.

The community of Durness has an interesting history and over the years has collected many images. This part of the site is dedicated to displaying these images from the local archive.


Much of Durness is related to its history. Describing the prominent features of the area inevitably means reference to the past to understand where they stand in the present.

Following a Durness Primary School Project Dig for History 1990 there were several areas of interest and historical periods in Durness history that were worth further investigation.

The outcomes of the project highlighted the little written legacy of Durness History and 3 beautiful wall hangings depicting life and events in Durness in 1841, 1908 and 1990. They were created with the children, parents teachers and people from the Durness village and are on the cover of the book Dig for History Active Learning Across the curriculum by Joathan Croall describing the Dig Where you stand Scheme. To this day they hang in Durness Information centre.

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